In Loving Memory of Christina Grof
12.30.1941 - 06.14.2014

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Christina was born December 30, 1941, in Roanoke, Virginia, USA.  She died June 14/June 15 2014 due to pneumonia, in California.

Christina Grof was an author, teacher, artist, psychotherapist, founder of the Spiritual Emergence Network, and co-creator of Holotropic Breathwork. She was past-president of Grof Transpersonal Training, vice-president emeritus of the International Transpersonal Association (ITA), and an advisor to the board of the Spiritual Emergence Network. For almost thirty years, she was active in the field of Transpersonal Psychology, which includes the spiritual aspects of human nature, as well as the emotional, mental, physical, and social aspects, as essential to a full understanding of the whole person.

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"One of the powerful forces in Christina’s life was her unconditional love for her daughter Sarah, son Than, daughter-in law Debora, and her five wonderful granddaughters."